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Our 6 day old Nigerian was born and appeared to be mineral deficient  We live in upstate NY. She was given a dose of selinium at birth and another at 4 days. She continues to limp and hobble when we stand her up to encourage some movement..She does not play. We have been letting her mother feed her and we have bottle fed mother's milk. She is gaining weight and is a tiny bit better.  We have given Boost and kid paste as well. She appears to hurt and struggles to stand and limps badly when attempting to walk.  One front leg seems especially stiff and one hoof is turned in a little

WE are thinking about giving her aspirin to see if she is just sore or if there is some real damage to her legs. She does urinate and poops. SHe does not get excited about bottle feeding.  Mom must be feeding better than we think.

ANy suggestions are sppreciated.

Would take a temperature if you can - 102.5 would indicate an infection.  Did her umbilical cord get dipped in iodine after birth?  Are her joints swollen or warm to touch?  If you gave her only selenium but no vitamin E and D then the selenium alone would not have worked.  Is she eating well for you?  It sounds like she could have a combination of selenium deficiency and joint ill - would suggest giving one 200 mcg selenium tablet (human) crushed and dissolved in a little hot water and add half the oil from a 1000 IU vitamin E capsule and half the oil from an 800 IU vitamin D capsule - mix, cool and give orally, repeat in one day, may need to repeat on third day.  Would also suggest you start her on antibiotics - penicillin injectable is best - 1/2 cc twice a day for 3 days - this is best given in the thigh muscle intramuscularly (IM) but you must remember to draw back on plunger just a little to be sure you are not in a vein - goats are allergic to antibiotics in their veins or if you are not comfortable with IM injections then you could give as a subcutaneous injection (under the skin) tenting up the skin between the shoulders - being sure to be under the skin and not in between it. Also giving her 1/4 of a 325 human aspirin every 6 hours for pain and inflammation may help - again crush and dissolve in a little hot water, cool and give orally. The fact that she does not get excited about bottle feeding sounds more like she has a fever/infection than mom is allow her to eat.  If the weather is cold where you are I would suggest moving her inside the house with you - keeping her in a dog kennel/crate works well - so you can monitor her.  Hope this helps - let me know - also, give me a call if you have emergent questions as my computer seems to be having issues to all expert e-mail alerts currently - Donna 360-742-8310


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