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Hello, I attempted to reply on the experts web site but could not do it.

-Some of his symptoms were similar to the worm issue, back legs not functioning as well as his hips.
-He only get a little grain (caprine challenger)
-Almost unlimited hay
-His front leg is bent, and just does not seem to extend fully.
-His hoofs are trimmed well, but do feel warm at times, eventhough its 10-25F.
-His brother had acute laminitis several years ago. He became a knee walker. We tried everything but had to put him down.
-Our current goat may have CAE. We have not had him tested. It does seem to match.
-We have another goat, a boar/nubian. He is fine and is about 3yrs old.
-If he has CAE, is there any cure?
-We have been admin. Bamamine for inflammation and pain.
-Could it also be old age with arthitis?

He is really a great goat, loves people and is really gentle.

He isn't really all that old for a wether. Sadly, there is no cure for CAE. You just have to keep them comfortable if they have symptoms. Banamine can cause kidney damage and stomach ulcers if you use it long term. So be aware of that. The fact that it is front and back legs, makes it seem like arthritis. Are his knees swollen? You could try some of the alternative remedies such as topical salves, glucosamine, chondroitin. I am sorry to say that you will just need to live and care for him until his suffering outweighs his happiness. Many goats never show CAE symptoms, but others eventually do when they get older, so even if the other one has it, it may not affect him. Take care.


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