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My sweet nubian doe (third freshener) died in the night. She was eating well and moving well the day before. She was two months pregnant. The only odd the thing was that a day before she passed her rear end looked 'large', and i looked twice and thought "she can't be going into heat.. I was sure she was bred?" She was found laying on her side and a trickle of blood was coming out of her... Like a heat... and she was tender looking there... We are so increadably sad and shocked. What happened? Oh, and her eyelid color was good... Pink not washed out... When alive.

So sorry to hear about the goat.  From the symptom you describe it sounds like she had an intrauterine infection and that was the cause.  It is possible that if she was hit in the side by another goat that could have caused internal bleeding and so the "trickle of blood".  Had you used the same buck before?  I would think though that it was an infection.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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