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I have a pygmy doe born 11/09/2012. 2 days ago she started to act different than normal. (She is away from her mom and on grain) She mainly just stands around with an arched back staring at the ground, she only poops a little at a time and not often, she has clear and pus looking stuff coming from her left eye and both nostrils, she also seems to have a nasty smell coming from her. I have been giving her 2 sub q injections of Noromycin 300 per day, I started spraying her eye with Vetericyn today, yesterday I gave her 5 ml of Probiotic plus paste, (gave the next 2 once a day for the past 2 days)Selenium and vitamin E gel for goats, Jump-Start plus oral microbial gel. I also started giving her Bounce Back electrolytes today. (She doesn't eat or drink much.) Can you please help us this isn't the first time this has happened and we lost two other goats with the same problems and we are doing the things we were told between the other 2 for her. She will walk around some but mostly just stands in one spot with her head down and back arched. Her tummy feels kind of tight but not extremely. Pistol and I thank you!!!

Is she bloated?  What is her temperature?  Low in the 90s would indicate constipation, over 102.5 would indicate an infection.  She could have pneumonia.  She could have constipation and secondary issues.  To cover all, I would put her in her own stall; I would start her on penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds twice a day (she would probably get 1 cc) - injectable antibiotics really need to be given intramuscularly as the subqu just does not get to where it should.  Use of the thigh muscles in the rear legs and 20 gauge 3/4 to 1 inch length needles work well.  You must draw back gently once the needle is in the muscle to be sure you are not in a vein - red will come into the barrel - some goats are allergic to antibiotics in their veins.  She also needs probiotics twice a day while on the antibiotics.  Stop the Noromycin or other antibiotics while she is on the penicillin.  Because she is not eating she should have vitamin B complex with thiamin (the thiamin is what she really needs) - 6 human tablets crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, cooled and given twice daily until she is eating well again.  With the discharge from the eye and nostrils would suspect pneumonia.  You can use either NFZ puffer or terramycin ointment to the eye to help with the possible infection there - both should be available at the feed store - the puffer just gets puffed into the open eye twice a day and the ointment is spread along the lower eyelid twice a day - both for 5 days.  If she is not eating at all would start on baby rice cereal mixed with electrolytes and some karo syrup (one teaspoon per 1/2 cup of cereal) and made thin so you can give her this as an oral drench - twice a day until she starts eating.  Keeping her on the electrolytes orally is also a good idea to keep her hydrated.  Let me know - Donna

You are welcome to call me too at 360-742-8310  

So sorry to hear you lost the little doe - and please call me too if you have other questions re goats that cannot sometimes wait for an e-mail answer.  Again sorry for the loss - Donna


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