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Goats/pygmy goat aggressive to other goats


We got 9 goats a few months ago and have lost 4 of them. One if our females is very aggressive toward the other goats but lived with them prior to us getting them. With the death of 4, we have wormed them and become very strict on their diet and habitat, etc. My son saw the female but one of the females a couple if days ago and then that goat died the next day. My son butchered it to find several fractured ribs, a punctured lung, lacerated intestine, and what appeared to be an aneurism on the heart. My husband filed down the aggressors horns, but we are not sure what else to do. We wonder if the others died for similar reasons. Any advice? We question if she might be pregnant also. Thanks. FYI, another doe delivered a kid today. Any special advice there? They are all pinned together.


If you have an aggressive goat the easiest thing to do is either find a new home for it or keep it in its own pen.  It is quite possibly the other goats also had internal injuries from the aggressive one butting them.  Unfortunately even filing down the horns will not change her learned behavior of being the alpha and pushing everyone around.  I certainly would keep any of the does and their kids away from her.  It is possible that if she is pregnant once she kids her attitude could change, but I doubt it will change enough to allow her to be with the others.  You can use a dog runner to put an aggressive goat on - you know the type that goes from one tree to another and then the lead can move back and forth along that main line so the goat gets exercise but cannot get to the other goats.  Hope this helps - Donna


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