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Goats/re goat with infected abdomen


it is coming from the under side of the belly and it is close to the udder she had a c section and it didn't close all the way up afterwards and now i think she has worms and he used cat gut on her i don't know if cat gut could be it but i'm just wondering

Hi there - so here are the instructions we talked about.  Would irrigate/flush the infected area with penicillin - feed stores have this - use about 10 cc twice a day - draw up using a needle but then remove the needle and place the tip in the opening of the wound - let drain and wipe dry.  Do this twice a day for 5 days.  Would start her on aspirin at one half of a 325 mg tablet crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, cool and give orally, every 4 to 6 hours for two days until fever is down (under 102.5).  Would start her on vitamin B complex at four times the human dose twice a day until she starts eating well again - crush the tablets, dissolve in a little hot water, cool and give orally.  She also needs probiotics - yogurt, gel or powder - twice a day while on antibiotics - you can mix this together with the other items if you want - this should be done twice a day.  If she is not better on the antibiotics the veterinarian gave to you within two days of starting those antibiotics I would advise changing over to penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds twice a day for 7 to 10 days - know this is a lot but this usually does a good job on deep infections - this is an intramuscular injection - have you give these before?  The penicillin is available at the local feed/farm stores.  I do appreciate the photo - I think your thought about it being a suture/cat gut type is good as it looks a lot like suture material.  I doubt worms, but this is always a possibility, but would get her infection under control and her feeling better first before thinking about what to do if it is worms too.  If you have any livestock antibiotic cream or powder (I use NFZ puffer) I would advise putting this around and over the opening to keep other bacteria and dirt out.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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