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Good Morning Donna,
Donna u know today Migi dosen't seem active i don't know if its the weather still windy/rainy & very cold at night.. This morning i gave him his breakfast that consists of salty pretzel sticks/ritz crackers & his hay however he ate his pretzels only & normally he eats his hay but like i mentioned this to u i don't know if Migi can sense that something is wrong with this bale of hay he was eating well yesterday but today he hardly touched his hay. I don't know if he is drinking his water i assume hes drinking b/c the water levels goes down but then again the cats, the hen, goes & drink too so i really can't tell. As for peeing he dosen't put out alot of pee like he did but he does pee. As for pooping he still poops normal berries so i don't know what could be wrong or maybe hes just not hungry. Yesterday i was out all day i didn't come home till very late and i left Migi outside tethered to the fence & i normally don't leave him out as if i were home but i couldn't help i had to go see my doctor for my sinusitis, i'm trying to do as much as i can for Migi. Also this morning Donna i gave Migi 10 tablets of his selenium at 200 mcg along finally with 1 capsule of vitamin E 1,0000IU i picked up from walmart & 4 tablets of 100mg of thiamine = at 400mg & finally with 1 tablet of vitamin D at 1,000mg all mixed with yogurt & some pedialyte for his hair loss i will repeat the selenium 10 days apart with this regimen & see how he does b/c of his hair loss. Donna i haven't been giving him his b-complex b/c he was eating well but maybe i should give all of the above with his b-complex again. What do u think let me know. Thanks Donna.

Me & Migi

So, hope you're feeling better.  It could be the weather with Migi.  It is possible Migi just is going to need some continued B vitamins and probiotics - perhaps once or twice a week - would start on some regimen of this and go for 4 weeks and see over the 4 weeks if he is fine, if he never has a bad day then I would suggest you keep up on the regimen literally forever.  Let me know - Donna


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