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Update on Migi - U know Donna after i gave Migi 10 tablets of 100mg of THIAMINE B-1 Migi became well after several hours. He kept staggering, & had excitability symptoms, muscle tremors, & kept falling down. I kept crying, & crying, & saying if ur going to die Migi please die peacefully not like this everyone in my family gathered around & started to panic so much CHAOS going on just made me cry even more. Donna what causes this i remember telling u that i have been giving Migi 6 days of the DURAMYCIN b/c of the windy conditions & i also read that too much  ANTIBIOTICS can cause THIAMINE DEFIENCY could the DURAMYCIN be the cause of it? By the way i am so so so sorry to keep calling u during the wee hours of the morning. I will continue to give 10 tablets of THIAMINE every 6 hrs. Or how do i give this B-1 VITAMIN. Note: However i do add 4 tablets of THIAMINE when i give him his B-COMPLEX REGIMEN is this not enough? Let me know Donna. Again so sorry to have kept u up last night.

Me & Migi

ANSWER: I am in hopes things have settled down by this morning - either Migi has passed away or he is better.  Something happened to him to cause these neurologic symptoms - either he was bitten by something poisonous, ate something extremely poisonous (no one uses poison to keep dogs away do they) or he had an underlying illness such as tetanus.  Have any dogs in your area been tested for rabies?  Let me know - Donna

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First of all Migi & I would like to thank u from the bottom of our hearts for helping us throughout this EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TIME. Migi has been euthanized this afternoon and had sinced passed away today the 24th of Feb. at 1:00 p.m. He had just made 4 years old this month & it is just EXTREMELY DIFFICULT for me right now all i do is CRY CRY CRY & i keep saying "I WANT MY MIGI" "I WANT MY MIGI". I was in the shed when my nephew came looking for me i had sat on the pallet with my head on the bale of hay & kept saying why why "I WANT MY MIGI", As i am writing to u now my eyes are welled up & crying I WANT MY MIGI, My neighbor came over crying trying to console me my eyes are nearly shut from all the crying. Before the vet stuck him my nephew came to the shed with my sister & said do u want to be with Migi for the last time "I SAID NO I CAN'T" but u know Donna i want Migi to know that i did all that i could for him before he left me i whispered in his ear and said Migi i wish MOMMA could have done more for u (CRYING). I am taking this so hard right now DONNA words cannot describe how i feel u know. I will end now but if u don't mind i will still keep in touch with u & try to have remember all the good memories of Migi. I'm starting to CRY again, i have to end here until i'm strong enough to talk about Migi i will keep in touch with u okay. Right now i just feel like i've been stabbed in the heart & in just too much shock to realize Migi is actually gone. Anyways Donna words cannot express the APPRECIATION & all the HARD WORK u've provided us throughout Migis life. I know Migi would want u to know that he too APPRECIATED everything u did for him. LOVE U DONNA. Take care & i'll be in touch with u soon.

Hugs & Kisses
Me & Migi

You know Migi is in a better place now and running and jumping in the sun - you did all you could and you were a great mom to him - I am glad you stayed to say good bye to Migi - goats do know when you are there.  I know how hard it is to lose a goat, believe me.  I will always remember Migi - please do keep in touch - and perhaps one day I will visit.  Love you and Migi - Donna


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