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U know Donna i just had to email u!! i went outside to gather & clean Migis area & just happen to look up in the skies & guess what! I saw a beautiful colorful RAINBOW!! Could this be that Migi is there and having a GRAND OL TIME!! & his way of saying look MOMMA I'M HERE?? This is such an INCREDIBLE SIGHT!! U know Donna there were times were i was skeptical but before i saw this rainbow i just said to myself yes hes in HEAVEN and playing with other animals until i was curious and googled "WHERE IS RAINBOW BRIDGE" & it had all these stories about where beloved pets goes that have passed & stories of people actually seeing RAINBOWS & thought to myself well i'll never see one but LO & BEHOLD this is TRULY HAPPENING!. I am in AW & SHOCKED. I kept staring at the sky & it is still there as we speak. WOW he is actually showing me that he is there and there is no need to be SAD anymore. He is telling me that there is no more SUFFERING & NO MORE PAIN & that he is all HEALED. WOW this is truly INCREDIBLE. Just had to email u & tell u this REMARKABLE SIGHTING!! I will talk with u again maybe next he'll show me himself i wouldn't be surprise if that was to happen. Take care Donna i'll talk with u again & keep in touch.

Luv u & the goats
Me & Migi

ANSWER: Hi there - you are right - Migi is saying - look at me mom - I'm great!! Love you and Migi - Donna

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QUESTION: Good Morning Donna,
Hope alls well with everyone & the goats. I still get sad & get tears in my eyes when i'm cleaning up around Migis area & tying up loose ends here & there putting away Migis things just brings back so much MEMORIES. Its tough but i know only time will heal. I find myself talking about Migi to my mom & my sisters & my nephew & grandnephew,. U know Donna i never told u this but when Migi was a baby whereever we went we put him in a laundry basket and boiled his milk & packed it like u would a human baby & fed him like a human baby everyone would gather around & just stare & played with him so every now & then they would ask hows the goat where is he & we would tell them oh we can't bring him anymore hes just too big & wouldn't be able to stay still in the car he'd be a TERROR!. So at least i have all that wonderful memories. Even yesterday when i went to the grocery store where i buy his yogurt/snack foods the cashiers always always say hows the goat & i start to tear up then they would ask me what happen when i tell them they are SHOCKED! & just give me hugs. But so much LOVE everywhere for Migi. I was so blessed to have had him. Every morning i kneel down in front of his pen with his ashes inside & say "Hi boy MOMMA loves u" & i start to give him all of his favorite snacks even moringa i would go outside & pick some moringa b/c that was one of his favorite snack even though it gave him soft poop, Then i get a bowl of water for him also. Even though hes not there to eat it that is how the BUDDIST RELIGION operates. I even light a small candle this symbolizes to light his pathway to HEAVEN (RAINBOW BRIDGE). Anyways he will be sorely missed by everyone but never far from my heart. I'll talk with u later. Luv u Donna!

Me & Migi

Good to hear from you - you are healing - we all do - but we all remember our loved ones - they all have a special place in our hearts and minds - and I think you will find that there are times when you'll feel that Migi is right there beside you - and he is, always.  So glad you have lots of folks to give you hugs.  Love you and Migi - Donna


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