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Hi Donna,
Just got up from sleeping with my eyes all swollen from so much crying. Its hard b/c everytime i go to his pen theres still the hay that is left there & i stand there touching the gate and envisioning him looking at me. I have everything as is but now that hes passed my sister & i were reading symptoms of LISTERIOSIS, TETANUS, & POLIO, & POISIONING, & the symptoms are just so similiar its just too hard to diagnose but i need closure as to what he passed from. U know DONNA when he first got sick his bleats were normal like i could tell when it was a normal bleat & a bleat that was of concern. When he bleated the first time it sounded like he wanted to be let off his runner however the second bleat was like a PANIC and/or a bleat that sounded like something had stung him or bit him so i ran outside and untied him & as soon as i did he was acting very abnormal he kept bleating louder & louder reaching to scratch or bite the side of his belly ran wild & stopped stamped his feet ran again continuing to bleat louder & louder he couldn't keep still running wild from one spot to another continuing to stamp his feet then sneezing like trying to clear his nose & shaking his head violently wouldn't stop kept walking & walking running at times i couldn't control what was going on so i gave benadryl and he seemed to calm down for awhile but then the SEIZURES started and i notice that he kept falling, stumbling, gaitiness, front legs/black legs spread out like a figure of a rocking horse stance, but the most outstanding symptoms was like the littlest noise he would get excited & stand erect & stand at attention looking around & shaking his head & when then he would continually fall front/back legs spread apart i had to run couple of times outside only to find him sprawled out like that. I kept trying to pick him up then he'd be fine for an hr or 2 then his symptoms would recur only to have it more frequent instead of 1/2 hr it was now every 1/2 hr with drooling/foaming at the mouth then every 10/15 min intervals, i'm now starting to recall step by step progression of this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SCARY ILLNESS that took my babys life. Any suggestion/info on a diagnosis would would surely put my mind at ease & have final closure. Thanks so much Donna! Love u!

Me & Migi

Glad you had some sleep - you will keep playing Migi's illness over and over in your head for a while - but that's an okay thing - glad you had the vet come out to take care of things.  Migi has crossed the rainbow bridge and is in the fields running and playing with other goats - but you know he won't forget all you did for him.  Love you - hang in there - Donna


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