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Thanks Donna, for all the knowledge u provide to me anyways u know when i feed Migis his hay  i notice that he'll eat the long strands of hay but sometimes when i buy this hay it has some long & short strands & u know he eats but he leaves all the short strands of hay behind & refuses to eat them & of course i can't help how this hay is cut & processed & it makes me upset b/c he'll cry for more hay & when i go outside to the shed to get more hay for him i look in his feeder and theres all this short strands  he leaves behind & i have to throw it away! He wastes alot of it! & for one bale it costs me $31.00 + tax 7 1/2% mind u. LOL! So when hes outside i just leave it in his feeder & even if he cries for more i say NO! DON'T U WASTE IT. I don't know y he does this. Thanks Donna

Me & Migi

Hi there - that is so expensive for a bale of grass hay or really any hay - so sad that it costs that much.  You know goats are so picky about their hay and mine waste too, but I am not paying that much for hay.  Does the feed store have the compressed bales there? And if they do have the compressed bales how much are they?  I still would start him on some sort of grain to get his weight up.  Does the feed store have anything like beet pulp pellets or hay pellets? Let me know - Donna


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