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Good Morning Donna,
Just Updating on Migi - Migi is doing great this morning lots of normal berrie poop, drinking water, eating hay, snack foods are on the decline. & Yes Donna i get nothing CHEAP OR FREE here in HAWAII everything is so so EXPENSIVE & i was asking some people here i don't know if we grow hay here or do we get our hay from the mainland, Maybe if it is importated here from the mainland that would explain the cost of it i don't know. U know Donna nobody helps me out with Migi i have given up on my nephew all he does is go to work come home lay around i tell him to go pick up some PALLETS b/c he has a truck he can't even do that! Damn if i had a truck i would do it myself. But i thank my neighbor who says he can pick it up for me but it has to be on a MONDAY b/c its his day off its bad enough that the hay cost $31.00 + 7 1/2% state tax on top of that i also tip him on top of that b/c after he picks it up he needs to carry that bale that weighs almost 100lbs into the shed, b/c i only weigh 98lbs i'm very tiny so its hard for me. So i try my best to do everything by myself without any help possible. I hate to depend on other people. What upsets me the most is when i tell my nephew go do this help me with this all he does is COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN & i am so OVER IT!! Even i told u about the SAFEGUARD & ZIMETRIN how costly it is i should've bought it online which i normally do but like i said for some reason since i was in the area i just bought it then realized it after the fact. In many peoples eyes HAWAII might be paradise but let me tell u ur gonna pay for paradise, COST OF LIVING here is way too EXPENSIVE especially things like this where alot of these animal MEDS are imported from the mainland. Anyways having said all of this i wanted to ask u is it okay for me to not give Migi his VITAMIN B-COMPLEX REGIMEN & PROBIOTIC PASTE since hes eating & drinking & peeing & pooping well? I haven't given him for 3 days already b/c hes continuing to do the above normally. I want his RUMEN to get back to normal if possible without these MEDS. Let me know what u think. Thanks Donna!

Me & Migi

Sorry to hear no one helps - it's like me when I want to take some time off away from the farm it is so difficult to find a caretaker - everyone says "it's too much work!" and even though I pay well they just do not care for things the best - so I don't get too many days of vacation.  So, totally understand.  Just myself and my husband here and my husband has a terrible back so cannot lift or do farm chores.  

Okay so onto Migi - very nice - and yes, you do not have to give him any vitamins or probiotics when he is doing well - the more his rumen becomes normal the better it will be in the longrun for his health.  Keep me posted - Donna


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