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Hi Donna,
Update on Migi - Donna Migis seems to be doing fine today however yesterday i gave Migi some Moringa & i noticed last night & this morning he had soft poop again i tried to test him with the MORINGA & like we both agree now that i think the MORINGA is causing the soft poop so i can't give him much now, but just about 10 minutes ago he pooped & it seemed to be hardening with berrie form look to it. Hes eating his hay & drinking his water now so i think the weather had alot to do with it. Today the weather is much better lots of sunshine but still windy. I continued with the b-complex regimen & vitamin D, E, B-1, ZINC, & his DURAMYCIN its been 5 or 6 days now can i stop the DURAMYCIN or shall i continue. I'm just afraid b/c its still windy & at night it gets cold. I'm also giving him his PROBIOTIC PASTE. Did u want to hear the latest on what my CRAZY neighbor is now accusing me since i'm ignoring her she is now saying that shes gonna take pictures or have pictures of me ABUSING Migi!! Hows that!!.. She has gone off the deep end b/c i'm ignoring her shes accusing me of all these FALSE ALLEGATIONS! Thank god my other neighbors tells me if anything Migi is SPOILED!.. With my ILLNESS i can't be paying much attention. She wants me to respond but i think silence is killing her so thats y shes saying all these things. Can u imagine! ME ABUSING MIGI!!!.. Anyway i just wanted to update u on Migis progress. Let me know Thanks Donna

Me & Migi

Sorry I did not get back on this e-mail - was at a conference today.  Her allegations are totally outrageous and you can always count on me to back you up.  You don't think she would have put something poisonous over the fence where he could get it do you - is that even possible?  Hoping the biosponge is helping - you can give him another 4 inches every 2 hours for four doses - it will not hurt him.  Keep me posted - Donna


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