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Update - Now Migis only eating SYNDER HANOVER PRETZEL STICKS & RITZ CRACKERS should i buy him the WHOLE WHEAT RITZ? Or can he eat just the regular RITZ CRACKERS. Also Donna i picked up his SAFEGUARD wormer & ZIMECTRIN GOLD horse wormer from the feed/farm store & geez i paid $40- had i known i should have bought it from JEFFERSLIVESTOCK so much cheaper! I was going to return it but got lazy to do so. Anyways Migi is still pooping soft to medium dog like poop i don't know whats is going on but he seems to be eating, peeing, & starting to drink a little more. I also picked up another bale of grass hay and was talking to this man that works at the feed/farm store and remember i told u that Migis been eating PREMIUM GRASS HAY i mean thats what they're calling it but he used the word FESCUE GRASS. Is this type of hay any good or nutritional? I read in an article that this type of hay goats dislikes and has little nutrional value is this true? Migis loves this type of hay & will only eat this hay. The guy at the feed/farm store gave me some sample of ORCHARD GRASS and Migi just nibbled at it. Anyways let me know Thanks Donna!

Me & Migi

ANSWER: Hi there - re the wormers, I think I told you about the internet prices being so much better - but understand when you need them now.  Re the grass - yes, you are correct that fescue is just really the bottom of the grass hay for livestock - it has about 9% protein and nothing else really, no vitamins or minerals.  The orchard grass is a higher nutrient hay - has about 12% protein and vitamins and minerals - a good goat hay too.  I feed a regular grass hay, not really fescue but just plain grass and when I feed this hay the goats get grain/pelleted livestock feed.  I also use compressed timothy (14% protein and lots of vitamins and minerals) and then they get no grain when they get this type of hay.  Do you use the Del's Feed Store there?  I talked with them about being able to export some of the compressed hays to Maui when I was really looking into what it would cost me to have a farm there - they said at that time they had compressed timothy and compressed grass hay and compressed alfalfa (you'd want to stay away from the alfalfa due to urinary calculi).  I still would try him on either calf starter pellets especially if they have the smaller packages of these or the general livestock pelleted feed.  That would put weight on him for certain.  Hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Thanks Donna,
I have one more question re: Hay U know Donna sometimes i don't know if this guy i was talking to at the feed/farm store knows what he/she is talking about b/c there are so many different employees there & their all all young like in their 20's or early 30's not too experience anyway when i asked him to show me the ORCHARD GRASS HAY it was very thick & stemmy & like i said this guy was nice enough to give me a handful for me to let Migi try. So my question is is this ORCHARD GRASS suppose to be thick & stemmy? B/c thats what he showed me when i ask to see the OCHARD GRASS HAY. Thanks Donna

Me & Migi

Hi there - I totally agree with you about feed store employees - I listen to them tell people what to use and do for their animals, when that employee really has not idea what they are talking about.  In answer to your question about orchard grass, what he was showing you was definitely not orchard grass.  It sounds more like timothy or alfalfa (alfalfa would be deep green with losts of stems and little leaves).  Orchard grass is a soft hay, very thin flat stems, easy to chew and very sweet smelling with a mossy green color.  I have offered to the cooperative extension folks in Hawaii for me to come over and do a seminar and I specifically had told them that the local feed dealers really needed correct information about goats too, but they said they didn't need that.  Whatever.   Anyway, never trust the feed store employees.  Hope this helps - Donna


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