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Good Morning Donna,
Update on Migi - U know Donna Migi continues to do great hes peeing & pooping, eating, & drinking i just want to keep u updated on Migi. U know Donna my brother-in-law has i believe a male pygmy not castrated i don't know what u call them do they call them BUCKS??? & just yesterday my sister had  told me they now have a female & it just UPSETS me b/c they can't take care of them & it might be all good now but as an animal lover i just HATE to see anyone get any animal & not know anything about them. They think they can just let these animals browse the pasture eat grass lawn mower the yard blah blah blah without even taking in the consideration & the responsibility but most of all these animals needs alot of ATTENTION mind u. Even though they are not mines it just INFURIATES me to think the the mindset & selfishness of these people. However they do have a huge acerage farmland & unlike me they do not spoil their goats so it might be a diffent outcome. But u know DONNA u know how i am struggling with Migi it is so hard b/c Migi needs me & although i try my best even though i am SICK right now with my SINUS INFECTION + the FLU he needs my full ATTENTION LOL!.. Unlike my house there is only CORAL & no BROWSING area. I told my sister should they become SICK b/c believe u me they one day will be they need to get in touch with someone who knows goats like U. i already warned them PLEASE DO NOT BRING any more goats here "I DO NOT WANT ANY MORE I AM SO OVER IT" b/c of the ATTENTION & the RESPONSIBLITY that comes with it. Anyways i just wanted to let u know that Migi is continuing to do GREAT & yesterday i tested Migi by giving him very very small amounts of the MORINGA & it didn't seem to bother him. However i will not give him the MORINGA. I think i was giving him more than i should have & often maybe thats y he got soft plop poop. Migi did put on some weight he looks so much better. Do u think he can still have the MORINGA and if so how often can i give to him. Also Donna Migi seems to BLEAT alot i don't know why he does this. He constantly do this so i can bring him inside. Once inside the house he totally stops BLEATING.
Thanks Donna! Please let me know.

Me & Migi

Me & Migi

Hi there - Sounds like your sister and brother-in-law will be having kid goats in about 5 months - would warn them.  Glad to hear Migi is doing well.  I know it is a lot of work.  Re the moringa, just a little is all I would allow him - a few leaves here and there?  How much are you giving him currently with no issues.  You are so right about goats they need more attention than just turning them out into a field.  Migi has you trained you know - he knows if he bleats you will let him inside.  It would be difficult to untrain that behavior.  Sorry.  Okay, hope you feel better, take care.  Donna


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