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Goats/rescue goat developing udder


I bought a nubian female goat from an auction 3 months ago. She was very thin and in poor health. We have only owned goats as pets, I do not know much about them. She was wormed when we brought her home. She eats grass hay and shares feed with our colt, he eats alfalfa pellets along with a mare and foal feed. It contains different types of grains. She has gained weighth well. My question is, she has started to develop an udder. It isn't large, and it hasn't grown in about a month. It is soft feeling, not full. Her belly isn't growing large, like a pregnancy. The stuff that came out was a thick, yellowish paste. It didnt smell, and she isn't sick. What could cause this? Could she be pregnant or have a condition, or maybe the feed is too rich? I don't want to hurt her by feeding her wrong. She hates the goat food we bought her, thats why she eats horse feed. Thank you for any information you can give me!

It could be what is known as a precocious udder. Meaning that she is not pregnant. Don't try to milk her, as she could get mastitis. As long as she is acting spunky and healthy, there is no problem. Keep an eye out to see if she is  pregnant, anyway. Google checking goat ligaments and familiarize yourself with that. Also, get raising goats for dummies, for more help on general goat care. Sounds like she is improving, so keep up what you are doing but be cautious about giving too much grain. Good luck with her.


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