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QUESTION: ihave a 6wk pigmy i have been bottle feeding. she has been fine until this moning. she is grinding her teeth and siliva is coming out, she acts like she has a upset stomach. what can i give her.

ANSWER: Have you taken a temperature on her?  Anything over 102.5 would indicate an infection.  Grinding her teeth says she is in pain.  Is she bloated?  Has she stopped drinking her bottle? Is she peeing and pooping? Is she up to date on her CDT toxoid vaccination?  Has she been outside, and if so what is the weather like?  Let me know and I'll get right back to you.  Donnaq

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QUESTION: temp., is normal. not bloated, drank about a cup of milk this morning, she peed and had boop in her crate his morning.she doesn,t want to drink now. she  just keeps grinding her teeth and acts like she wants to gurgite. can i give her kaopectate or peptol pismal.  no vaccinations yet.

ANSWER: So the poop is normal pellets? What type of milk is she on and has that changed recently or has she been eating more before she became ill.  Has she been outside? It could be enterotoxemia or a pneumonia.  Would give her a CDT toxoid vaccination (farm store has this) at 1 cc now and again tomorrow (22 gauge 3/4 inch needles work well).  I would also start her on penicillin injectable at 1 cc twice a day for 3 days.  This is an intramuscular injection, again medicine is available at most feed/farm stores.  Have you given injections before?  Pepto bismol or kaopectate is for diarrhea - so if she does not have diarrhea would not advise this.  If she was having soft yellow poop that would indicate the enterotoxemia and then milk of magnesia would be best.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: her poop is fine and i haven't changed her milk. she is on multi-purpose milk with colostrum.

Thanks for the update.  Whenever a kid goat does not want to it and it has normal poop it is either pneumonia or a digestive issue.  I always start them on pneumonia and then also givbe milk of magnesia to clear out their digestive tract.  Either of the antibiotics should be given intramuscularly - you use the thigh muscles of the rear legs - you need to draw back on the plunger gently and just a little once the needle is in to be sure you are not in a vein - red would color the penicillin in the barrel - if that happened you need to pull out and put in fresh antibiotic and try again.  Goats can be very allergic to antibiotics in their veins.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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