thanks for the reply.we gave her alamisin antibiotic and her eyes are kind of pale but she eat well.after she gave birth she poop like duck very watery but we gave her a wormout and now she poop well but she is still weak sometimes she will laydown flat and not get up till i pick her up please tell me what to do.

When you say her eyes are pale - is that specific to her lower inner eyelids being white or pale pink in color?  If so then she is anemic.  She may have the barber pole worm or liver flukes - not sure if these are in your area, but they do cause anemia and need special worm regimens to get rid of them.  She also would need iron supplements to replenish her red blood cells.  Do you have any human iron supplements available to you or injectable iron?  The anemia can easily make a goat very lethargic/weak.  Please let me know - Donna


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