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Hi, I have a 3 year old LaMancha goat that just kidded about three weeks ago.  I added sun flower seed to her diet about 2 weeks ago.  So I gave her sun flower seed, alf alfa, beet pulp and corn about 2 days ago and since then she has had her head turned to one side.  All her feed amounts to one coffee can full, which she has gotten for the past 2 years, except the sun flower seed.  Her neck is not drawed around toward her flank, just her head turned sideways.  I have checked for ear mites and her ear is clean and from what I can see in her mouth, she's not growing new teeth.  I have done some research on Listerosis and Polio, but she has no diarrhea, eats good, grazes with the other goats.  She doesn't stagger, she just holds her head side ways.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

I would lean toward a traumatic injury in the absence of other signs. I don't think it has anything to do with diet. Could she have gotten butted by another goat? Have you checked to see whether it is painful (trying to move the head gently into normal position) Muscle spasm? You could try to massage if that side is really tight. But I think you need a veterinarian for a definitive diagnosis,


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