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This is my first goat kidding, and I am a little emotional.  I have a very sweet Boar that started "leaking" yesterday.  It looked like mud all down the back of her legs and tail. It has been rainy here lately, so I didn't think anything of it.  This evening I noticed a long string of mucus and within an hour she had twin boys.  She cleaned them, and I decided to rush them in the house where it is warmer and try to revive them.  I wrapped them in towels and gently, but vigorously rubbed them to try to stimulate them.  No sign of life.  One of the kids looked like it had come through a patch of thorns, but I figured that was due to all the hooves in the birth canal.
Any suggestions?

I am so sorry for your loss. Its really hard to lose kids,. I wonder if she was in distress with the kidding. The muddy stuff could have been meconium. The babies first poop, caused by stress. Especially if they were breech, one or both may have aspirated. I cannot figure out the patch of thorns part. Was it bloody? Did you witness the birth?

It is heartbreaking.  If you have more to kid, keep a close eye, to make sur there isn't something going on in the herd. Good luck and take care of yourself.  


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