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i have a 1 year old goat which is small in size and she gave birth to 2 kids that died because they were premature no hair or skin.now 2 weeks have passed and shes so weak i guess that she doesnt stands but she eats and drinks well.i gave her 2 doses of wormout and a shot of vitamin.what else can i do for her to walk.please reply.thankyou

It is possible she has an intrauterine infection and that is the reason she is weak, and also a highly possible region she aborted her fetuses.  What color are her lower inner eyelids?  If pale pink or white this would indicate anemia.  Do you know if she passed her placenta after aborting the fetuses?  If not this could be causing an infection in her.  Is she pooping and peeing okay? Would advise starting her on a course of injectable antibiotics - I like penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds body weight twice a day intramuscularly - what antibiotics do you have available there?  Would also start her on probiotics - yogurt would work fine - one tablespoon twice a day given orally.  Let me know and I will get back to you - Donna


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