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Goats/week old kid with yellow green poop and mucous


QUESTION: Hello and thank you for your time!

I have a 12 day old bottle baby.  He had been scouring bright yellow or white super watery poop, initially I thought it could have been brought on by changing from milking another doe, then changing to store bought goat milk and the to cows milk or simply overfeeding.  I started him on scour ease that i purchased from tractor supply, it was the only thing they had in stock with neomycin figuring its likely e.coli since he didn't really spend enough time in the adult pen to get something from there.  The Scour ease did halt the diarrhea and he is now making soft pellets but they are now a yellow greenish grey color with a bit of mucous.  Ant thoughts on what this might be?   or what i should do next?  Thanks!

ANSWER: It could be enterotoxemia he is fighting - would start as soon as possible with CDT toxoid vaccinations (unless you have CDT antitoxin) at 1 cc now, again in 2 hours, 2 hours later and same dosing the following day.  Also giving milk of magnesia this cleanses the digestive tract of the bacteria (Clostridium) and its toxins - one tablespoon per 5 pounds four times a day for one day - this may cause more diarrhea but it is meant to cleanse the system.  Also keeping the kid up on electrolytes - whether via a bottle or oral drench is important.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Thank you for yor quick response. Just to clarify, I  can't seem to get my hands on the anitoxin anywhere. I do have the CDT toxoid (vaccine) though.  Can I give the vaccine 1cc then in 2 hours etc...  ?

Hi there - no one carries the antitoxin and this is only on the internet.  That is why I stated use the CDT toxoid vaccinations unless you had the antitoxin.  So in the answer above you'll note 1 cc now, then in 2 hours and 2 hours later and again the following day. Hope this helps - Donna


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