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I have two gorgeous little boer goat kid girls here (and their triplet brother) They were all born on 12th octboer 2012. Sadly Mum didn't not make it through a nasty necrotic udder condition and passed away on the operating table when the vet was attempting a half mastectomy.  From memory the kids would have had milk from her for 3 weeks - maybe a tad more. I would say by looking at the three of them the boy got most of it!. I was never able to switch them to bottle so went straight to natural grazing and goatmix..which they do seem to love.  They are now over 4 months old and so small compared to the rest of the kid herd. They also have bloated little bellies but aside from that seem very happy (allbeit big sooks the pair of them) their brother seems nearly normal size - perhaps just a tad under.   Will I expect them to grow and can i expect any problems.
many thanks

My experience has been that they often stay smaller if they don't get 3-4 months of nursing on their moms. You would expect the boy to be bigger, because he is a boy. They still keep growing until two years old, at least. Have they been dewormed? (Trying to figure out why the bloated bellies) If they are not having any health problems now, I wouldn't expect any. They will just be smaller goats.


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