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Goats/24hr old kid and orange poop


I have a doe that was born about 24hrs ago. She was very large for her mama and when she came out her navle cord was very large, as big around as a quarter! I've never seen one that big. And it was only about 7inches long. It didn't not and would not break so I had to cut it. It was very hard to cut. I did dip her cord once I got it tied off. She seemed fine this morning and was drinking well. She's had good urin output and her poop was dark and then linghtned up to a dark brown. I went out this evening to feed and I saw mustard colored soft serve looking poop hanging off her. I looked in her pen and saw 3 spot where she pooped. It stated out formed and with some of the poop I saw eariler, dark brown. Then the others were formed, then not so formed then soft serve. She's jumping around, playing with her mom, wagging her tail, drinking form both sides of her mom, all in all I think she's acting fine and normal. Now with all that being said, should I worry about her getting dehydrated, or can this be a normal thing? It's not the runny, liquid poops I've seen so now I'm slightly confused. I've not seen a baby goat with soft serve mustard poop before. It's always been formed.
Thanks for taking the time to answer me! Samantha P.S.-- My doe you advised me on a few days ago is doing very well with her mastitis treatment, Thanks again for that!!

Hi there - so the first poop of a kid is the dark brown or black tarry like poop and then within the next 24 to 48 hours it turns to an orange soft poop and then it should turn to more firmed, smaller poop within the next day or so.  If the poop turns more yellow and becomes runny then it would be enterotoxemia most likely.  Sounds like you're keeping a good close eye on her - keep me posted - Donna


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