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Hi Donna , i am writing this for my cousin who has a large doe that birthed a breach yesterday . It was a long and hard labor , but the end result is the kid , very large was born and is fine . This doe is not a first timer and usually has triplets , so we found it odd that only one was born . Upon examination of her abdomen , another kid has been detected . I myself checked her today and there is a kid in there . Yesterday it was kicking , today theres nothing . We can move it around very gently , and feel its head and his hind end . The doe seems fine , and yesterday my nurse friend went inside the doe , and said the birth canal was totally clear . There was no after birth so we believe this doe may be in trouble . For the moment she is happy , eating , looking after her kid . I have been told , although not common , that active kids in the womb can trigger labor and a kid gets born before everyone is ready , and a day or two later the others come along . My cousin and i are very concerned as we have never seen this before , and really until the kid presents itself theres nothing we can do . Do you have any advice for us ? Thanks

Hi there - sorry for the delay - I was out of internet range unfortunately - sorry - you are always welcome to call me too in emergent times - 360-742-8310.

Okay, so with a breach birth that makes it difficult for the other remaining kids to come out - I only give the doe 20 minutes of hard labor and if no progression I go get the kids - it is lucky that the kid is alive as these mostly die of suffocation if not helped.  Whenever there is a birth and you feel other kids the only solution is to go in after them - wash up and use something like KY jelly or other lubricant and go in - you gently go down to the left horn of the uterus and if nothing there draw back and go down to the right side - many times this is up to the elbow or even farther up the arm.  When the nurse went in did she get past the cervix or was the cervix closed?  Would not let kids stay in as they would die and then become necrotic and cause infection.  Hope this helps - Donna


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