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We have a 2 week old bottle feed pigmy goat that is eating well.  She is feed 1/2 whole milk and 1/2 half and half. She has a lot of energy and seems to be doing fine with the exception that she isn't pooping. She only had a little movement a couple of days ago.Her tummy seems a little tight.  What can we do to help?  Should we help ?

The milk mixture has her constipated.  She needs two teaspoons of mineral oil given orally now and again in 2 hours.  Would also use human infant enemas - these are the small ones - you would use one now and a second in two hours - these are given rectally - have you done this before?  Would also dilute the whole milk to half of its amount and the other half in human infant electrolytes (non flavored) and would stop the half and half - I would recommend use of multispecies milk replacer if possible.  Let me know - Donna

PS the mineral oil is absolutely needed orally right away.  The enemas can wait if you cannot get to the store yet.  Mineral oil is usually available at most grocery and drug stores - this is just usual human mineral oil.



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