QUESTION: sometimes my goat has this deep coughing. I have noticed it has become more frequent. other than the cough, he is normal. eats good, poops and pees normal. what can cause this?
can this be from food?

ANSWER: How old is the goat? What type of hay is he on? Is this cough around during all types of weather? It is possible that he could have lung worm.  It also could just be a dry cough from dusty hay.  It also could be a cough from a chronic fungal pneumonia or bronchitis.  Let me know about my questions - thanks - Donna

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QUESTION: it is actually two wethers, both 6 months old.
I have only had them since october.
they are eating orchard grass from local farm.
I suspect the grass is a real mixture because I
see weeds and other things from bale to bale.
I have noticed some of the grass bales are more dusty
than others. I have not noticed any discharge from thier
How do I know if I am dealing with lungworm, chronic fungal pneumonia or bronchitis?

Thanks for the update.  Since it is difficult to know what is causing the coughing as there are no other symptoms, I would start by spraying down the dusty hay with a little water - not drenching but just spray off a little of the dust or wet it down just a little.  You can also give Children's Benadryl to help with inflammation of the throat from possible allergic reaction from the dust - you would use the weight dosage for children - once a day for 5 days.  I would think that 5 days would give us an idea if the dusty hay might be the cause of the coughing.  If that is not it then you could treat for the lung worm - I would advise using Safeguard horse wormer once a week for three weeks - since I'm sure their weight is under 50 pounds so the dosage of three times their body weight to find the amount to give is not on the plunger, would advise giving 1 1/2 inches of the "gel" placed on your finger and then you put that in their mouth/on their tongue.  At the end of four weeks you should see less coughing.  Although if lungworms have caused scar tissue buildup in the lungs there may still be a small cough left.  If that is not it then a trial of injectable antibiotics would be advised.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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