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QUESTION: Hi there I hope you can help me out a bit.  My doe is pregnant with her first kid or kids.  I have noticed things progressing, but today she is poopy.  diarrhea like.  just wondering if this is normal before labour?

ANSWER: Hi there - sorry for the delay in answering.  How far along is she? Diarrhea can happen with some does, especially close to kidding.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: She is getting very close...not sure on exact date as she was free range with the buck.days away.  She isn't eating.  Ie bahing at all.  She is drinking very well tho.  I did put a call into the vet this evening and if there isn't any change by morning he is on his way.
Thank u so much Donna....u have given me hope.

Has she lost her pelvic ligaments?  That is the best way to tell how close they are.  Once the ligaments are gone/so soft you cannot feel them the doe is usually 36 to 48 hours away from kidding.  So with that said if she is close then regular brown diarrhea can be normal.  The no eating can mean a number of things - she is going to kid within the next 24 hours, she has ketosis, she has hypocalcemia, or she has another illness/digestive possibly.  Do you have her on alfalfa?  If so then hypocalcemia is possible.  If she has a sickly sweet smell to her breath then that is ketosis.  Generally along with not eating, not getting up is part of ketosis and hypocalcemia.  Has she lost her mucus plug yet?  I would have her in her own kidding stall if possible.  Has she started to make "nests" - pawing up the bedding a lot?

Would advise checking the pelvic ligaments and if they are gone then I would say the diarrhea is just from the impending labor.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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