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Goats/goat not acting right after birthing


Mrs. Donna,
Its Natasha again. was talking to you about my female that gave birth on monday. She has been acting strange, not eating and acting like she was in pain. She had a hard first labor. And now is acting strange. You said it could be a number of things. Infection was my first guess but after going and setting with her, to me she kinda acts constipated. She will get up and stretch as far as she can, then act like she is going to poop. She was pooping pellets earlier today but now when she stretches her rear will open as if she was gonna poop but nothing comes out. I told you that she had eaten the after birth and you said that can sometimes cause constipation. Just kinda wandering if her symptoms maybe of that. I already gave her a shot of antibiotics and if this is the problem can i just give her mineral oil??  Thank YOU --- Natasha

Hi there - glad you started her on antibiotics (probiotics too?).  You can certainly give her some mineral oil - 1/2 cup per 75 pounds body weight once and again in 4 hours and if she is constipated that should help.  The not eating can certainly also be due to constipation although the stretching sounds much more like obstipation - something is stuck in her digestive tract - and that could be the afterbirth - mineral oil should help in that situation too, most times.  May need to repeat in 8 hours after 2nd dosing.  Let me know - Donna


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