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I have a doe that gave birth two days ago an the kid died, she is still pregnant i can see the baby moving. She still has a bloody area an acts like she is contacted. She is eating an drinking an acts ok but i am worried for her an the kid inside. What is do i nee to do? I cant afford to take her to the vet. Please help if you can. I have read some of your stuff asn i know i am asking someone who might know what to do.

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Sherry Christie

Was the kid goat term?  Did you have a good kidding date on the doe? Did the kid look full term or did it come out without hair, eyes closed?   The "baby moving" can be the uterus still contracting with or without another kid goat inside.  Did she pass the placenta? When you say bloody area, is she bleeding or do you just see blood clots or blood in the pen? If she passed the placenta I would doubt she has another kid inside.  Can you feel the kid inside?  Can you feel her pelvic ligaments - that is, when they kid their ligaments are soft and you cannot feel them.  Let me know - Donna


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