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QUESTION: We have a new born buck with lots of color out of a good mother and we would like to keep him as a herd sire.  Do we have to worry about incest or any thing eles?

ANSWER: Inbreeding in goats is not like that in dogs.  You do not generally get horrid abnormalities in the offspring.  What you are looking for is good qualities in both the dam and sire.  If you inbreed say using a sire that has early pastern dropping and you breed that sire to his dam then you most likely will have 2 out of 4 chance of having offspring with the early pastern drop issue.  That you do not want.  But, if you have good qualities in the sire and in his dam, then there should not be an issue.  You can use this sire on others of the same line (linebreeding).  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Yes thank you very helpful.  I do have a follow up question what is early pastern dopping I am new to goats.

A goat has four pasterns, one on each leg, these are seen as an angle up from the hoof.  These should always be sitting high and not touching the ground.  Some goats tend to have pasterns that fall early on in life, that is they are where they should be for a few years but then the pasterns begin to lose their strength and do not stand up, so they "fall" or "drop" - this is not good genetics for any goat.  If you go to the internet and type in "pasterns in the goat" there are some good photos and pictures that come up that will show you better what I am talking about.  Always good to ask as many questions as you like - that's how we all learn, and that is how I learned.  Let me know - Donna  


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