I have a Milk Goat that is having problems walking and keeping her balance.   I believe her to be anemic and she has lost a lot of weight.  I have wormed her twice 10 day apart with ivermectin.  I have given her vit B complex.  She is curling her back foot at the ankle when she takes a step, same for the front but not every step.  Her feet have been trimmed and no foul smell.  Do you know what might be the cause or causes of her condition.

What is she eating? Could she have gotten some moldy hay? Eaten bracken fern? Google polio and listeriosis. Fiasco farm has the best info on treating these conditions, which may be confused with each other. Another possibility is meningeal worm. I would try changing dewormer to valbazen, as sometimes ivermectin is not effective. Let me know if you have further info or questions.


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