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I have an ober doe who is 3 yrs old, and 145 days of gestatoin is 4/1/13 (tomarrow) starting yesterday afternoon I have been unable to get her up.  This last couple of weeks she has lost quite a bit of weight, she normally gets 2 cups of 14% grain, and free choice minerals (goat Vitalix), and grass hay, she has been eating good until yesterday she didn't scarf down her grain, like normal, and when she tries to get up her can not on all 4 ft.  She has no Temp. 103.1 about 2 days ago she starting limping on her right front leg.  I gave her a little karo syrup yesterday, and I just gave her molasis water, she will not drink out of her water bucket but she is drinking out of a syringe so we are keeping her hydrated. I have vit b complex, howevery she has lost so much weight i do not feel compfortable giving her a inj. She is eating her hay, grain, and minerals as long as we put it in front of her, she keeps scooting around the stall.  Thank you for your help.

So 103.1 is a fever.  Is she on alfalfa hay? When you start seeing a goat lose weight something is generally wrong.  Does her breath smell sickly sweet? Would suspect she could have an infection and could have ketosis.  The good thing is that she is eating well.  She needs at least one quart of electrolytes every 2 hours to stay hydrated, especially with the fever.  If she is on alfalfa would suspect hypocalcemia.  Would at least start her on injectable penicillin using the rear thigh muscle - 20 gauge 1 inch needle.  Would also give oral human B complex at four times the human dose twice a day - crush the tablets, dissolve in a little hot water, cool and give orally.  Do this until she is eating again.  The not being able to get up could be from the pneumonia or it could be from ketosis or hypocalcemia, or it could simply be from her being so large and she is weak from loss of weight.  What color are her lower inner eyelids?  Is she pooping pelleted poop? Let me know and I will get more information to you - you are also welcome to call me at 360-742-8310 - Donna


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