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HI! It's me again! My San Clemente Island goats are great and very gentle. But, they beg me constantly for food, and when you've got 30 or so goats doing it all at once, it's more than I can take!

I feed them 1 bale of wheat hay, 1/2 bale of oat hay, and 1/2 bale of alfalfa hay every day. They also get a Redmond Salt block and Purina goat minerals. I occasionally put out baking soda as well. I give them some organic cabbage leaves once a week from a sauerkraut producers.

They waste a fair amount of hay so it seems I give them enough.

I feed them first thing in the morning, and a half bale before dark.

Sometimes the whining is so bad I leave.

What can I do to make it stop? Imagine 30 screaming babies at once and you'll get the picture.


I have 32 adult goats and 7 kid goats/newborns - the newborns are the only ones who really talk - that's the nice thing about the Oberhasli breed they are not talkers.  With that said, though if I come into a pen - have different pens for different ages/productions - with peanuts or bread (they get bread every day) or beer (oh yes, they love beer) they all crowd around wanting their share.  I only feed hay in the a.m. and at night they get bread as a treat - this seems to make them very happy.  You might try something like the bread (I get mine from a local bakery thrift store - it's supposed to be 3 day old bread but most times it is only 1 or 2 day old bread and no mold ever) to keep their tummies feeling full as I suspect that is what they are whining about  - "what, hay again mom?"  You could also try beet pellets - soak in water for an hour and this gives their tummies something to work on all night long and they love eating it.  I certainly do understand the screaming though - it sounds like a herd of goats when the kid goats down at the barn want their bottle - you'd think I had forgotten to feed them for days!  Hope this helps - Donna


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