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Hi, we have a 2 yr old doe who was not bred by our regular breeding bucks, but she was in a pen with a bucking in the early fall before we got rid of him. She never looked pregnant and then she started developing an udder. We started watching her knowing that she never got bred by the older bucked, but she never kidded. She has gotten increasingly bigger and we tried to milk her and check for fever in case of mastitis, but that didn't seem to be a problem either.  I have put hot compresses on her and today I talked to a vet that had me start giving her penicillin. I was just wondering if you have ever had this problem or heard anyone else having a problem like this.  She is eating and drinking fine. She will jump up on the milk stantion, she doesn't kick when I mess with her, like it doesn't hurt at all. When I have tried to see if I could get anything out I only get clear liquid.  I have been looking on the internet and in my goat books but haven't run across anything like it. If you have any advise or ideas I would really appreciate it.  Thanks

Hi there - so you're sure she is not pregnant/has been longer than the 5 months since she was in with the buckling?  She could have a false pregnancy.  If she is from a line of does with large udders she could have a precocious udder that has developed without being bred.  Is the udder warm or hot to touch? A "hard" udder can be a symptom of CAE or mastitis.  I would start with penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds twice a day for 5 days along with probiotics during this time.  You can also use an intramammary infusion of Tomorrow - this is made for cows but works well for goats - you use half the tube into each side of the udder - once you have placed the medicine via the tube into the teat orifice, you remove the tube tip from the teat and pinch off the teat and massage that side of the udder - repeat on the other side.  Repeat in 2 days.  You can also massage the udder with peppermint lotion which helps to open up the internal tissue of the udder.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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