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Hi Donna , i know this is not really your niche , but i bought a 2 day old calf and i want to raise him on goats milk . My question is how much should i be giving him ? He is around 80-90 lbs and very healthy . I travelled him about 25 miles so should i still give him a shot for prevention measures ? Thanks

Love little calves - used to raise 4 or 5 every year on goat's milk and save half for us and sell the rest - everyone loved the meat.  So with that said, usually it is 3-4 quarts daily working towards feeding two to three times daily when they are a few weeks older.  I would start with 16 ounces every 4 hours for a few days - then increase as they seem hungry still after 20 minutes of a bottle - would be 20 ounces every 4 hours to 7 days of age and then up to 24 ounces three times a day for a few weeks, then 32 ounces three times a day until weaned - backing off on the milk once they are eating hay and calf starter pellets.  I would give him at least one feeding of colostrum powder if possible - this will help strengthen his immune system - even if he had colostrum from his mom.  Would give him his first vaccination of the following items - I think this is available at most feed stores - bovine rotavirus-coronavirus vaccine, killed virus, clostridium perfringens types C & D-escherichia coli bacterin-toxoid  - the Clostridium and E. coli are the fatal ones for calves stressed from travel - would also give oral antibiotics for 2 days to be sure we keep him from getting pneumonia - again from stress (shipping fever) - any of the oral powders would work or even Sulmet liquid would work.  Hope this helps - Donna


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