We have recently been given two female pygmy goats. Both of them have enlarged udders and one teat that is huge. They have never been bred but the owner fed them primarily 16% sweet feed with little or no hay. He told us their udders have been like this for at least 4 yrs. ( How do people take care and feed animals and not take the time to learn at least their basic needs!) My question is, is it too late to help them or can they still be treated. They both seem healthy and active otherwise no heat or fever. Thank You..

I agree with you about why people do what they do, just do not understand some folks.  Okay, so are the udders hard or hot to touch? Have you milked them and if so what comes out - milk, clear liquid, clumps, etc.? The 16% sweet feed certainly can cause mammary systems to turn on even without kidding. Let me know and I will get back to you with some help - if this is a chronic mastitis it still can be helped - Donna


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