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Goats/Mastitis in new mom?


I have a doe that just kidded 3 days ago. This is her first freshing. She did very, very well with labor and birth. Her babies were nursing and so I locked her up and feed and water her. Saw yesterday evening she was still full of milk but only on one side. So this morning I put her up on the milk stand to milk her out. Now milk was comming out both sides before I seperated her from the herd and the babies however, were still pretty much, drinking from one side at the time.I used my henery milker and she filled up one quart jar and a half of another one. I did notice that when I cleaned the udder she was a little hard close to the teat. The first jar looked and smelled good. The second one was looking good and then blood started comming out. Then more milk, then brown looking milk, then blood, then just milk again. When I dumped out the first Jar there were piece's of bloody tissue in it. I've never delt with mastitis. I'm not sure how she got it, if this is what it is. This is her first time in milk and as far as I can tell she's never hurt her udder. She was born here, so I just don't know what happend. Thanks so much for your time and sorry if this is a little long.

ANSWER: So you are not hand milking? Are you wiping down the teats before and after milking? Definitely sounds like mastitis - they can get on one or both sides - they can pick it up from the bedding or from not wiping clean especially before milking.  I advise against "dip cups" as I feel these allow bacteria to stay in them.  She needs to be started on penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds body weight twice a day for 5 days and during that time period she also needs to be on probiotics - yogurt or gel or powder type to keep the rumen healthy.  You also should treat with an intramammary infusion of "Today" - this is a cow mastitis udder treatment - you need to milk out the affected side as much as you can before inserting the gel antibiotic - the tube of this has about an inch long tip on it - and you insert the tip into the cleaned teat and then squeeze in about half of the tube into the affected side - remove the tip and close the teat with your fingers and then with the other hand massage that udder side gently to disperse the antibiotic gel you just placed.  Repeat in 2 days.  Milk out as much as you can each day.  You can also use peppermint lotion (you can add a few drops of peppermint oil to some body lotion (human lotion), mix well and every time you milk her gently massage the lotion onto the affected side - this helps open up the tissues inside that udder side so they drain better.  The penicillin will not hurt the kids, but you don't want them trying to suck on the affected side - either tape that side up or start bottle feeding the kids. Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Um.. I do hand milk but this time decided to do the henry milker so I could keep her milk sepert from the milk for the table from my other doe.I was expecting colostrum, not bloody milk at the end let alone to find four small bloody tissue pieces in the milk! I've never gotten to milk her except for today. I do wipe down the belley plus the udder and then I dip each teat in one new, sepert, dixie cup every time I dip. I use paper towles to do all my wiping. My other and only doe that I've had now for 4yrs has had this same treatment plus the dip solution of Clorox/Dawn wash I make, and she has never had it. This super stinks, I was sooooo looking forward to geting milk from her. I have the injectable Penicillin so I'm good there. As for the yogurt, is that like the stuff you get @ the store for us or is it some special goat stuff? The kids have not nursed from that side since the day they were born, so thats not a problem. Also with the Today/Penicillin treatment, how long do I have to waite before I can start using the milk for the table? Thanks agin for taking the time to answer me!

Thanks for the extra input.  If you wipe down the belly and/or the udder before the teats that can easily cause bacteria to come into the teat canal.  Dawn, because it holds bacteria and bacteria can become resistant to it, can also cause the issue.  I use baby wipes - no antibacterial, but wipe down the teats to clean them - several times and if dirt is still seen, use a second one, and then use one for my hands.  Glad you have the injectable penicillin.  Re the yogurt, this is human yogurt - just what we eat - use about two tablespoons twice a day if that is what you use - I thin it down with a little water so I can draw it up in my oral drencher.  Or you can use the livestock gel or powder probiotic - whichever you want.  I always use the yogurt.  After the last day of the penicillin you should give at least 3 days of non milk usage for humans.  If you have someone who will drink the milk who is allergic to penicillin then would give at least 5 days.  Know it's a long time, sorry.  Do hope this helps - Donna


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