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QUESTION: Last year my goat was pregnant so I waited.  We had had a sonogram done.  By May she had not delivered so we went back to the vet and she was no longer pregnant.  The vet said she must have reabsorbed the baby and now I just had a Fat Goat.  So, around November she had been exposed to a young Spanish goat that I was caring for.  He left in January.  Now I think she maybe pregnant but cannot really tell.  She is a very large goat anyway.  I feed her about 3/4c. grain and alfalfa.  She is 3 1/2.  Recently I have noticed that her underbelly seems to be getting bigger (I think)  She always seems hungry.  Will not let me touch her teats.  Last time I could milk her up to about 3mo. past May.  I do not have the time right now to drive her and hour and a half to the vet.  If she is pregnant I need to up her food.  What the heck am I to do?  Thank you

ANSWER: So when she was possibly pregnant before did she form an udder?  Did you ever see her being bred by the buck currently? If she did not have an udder before, has she begun to form an udder? Are her sides getting larger, especially the right side? By 3 months you should be able to feel a fetus on the lower right middle side of the abdomen with the flat of your hand.  I generally don't advise use of sonograms/ultrasounds as they many times really don't show a fetus easily. If she is no longer coming into a standing heat, that is a sure statement that she is pregnant. Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: She did not really form an utter but she did have milk.  That is why I was so surprised that she was not pregnant after all.  It looks to me that she may be forming an utter but it might be wishful thinking on my part.  Come to think of it . . . I have not seen her flag in a couple of months.  She will not let my touch her underside when on the rack as she has before.  Her sides are huge!  I am just fearful that like before she is just fat like before.  Thank you so very much.  Your answer was helpful.   Mary

Thanks for the info.  Since you have not seen her flag in a couple of months this certainly could indicate she is really pregnant.  If her sides are huge then you should be able to feel some sort of movement or "hard" item in her stomach area, especially easy on the lower middle right side of the abdomen.  By about 4 months of pregnancy her pelvic ligaments will begin to soften and instead of feeling like pencils feel like rubber bands, and then within 36 to 48 hours of kidding you cannot feel the ligaments at all and her sides will drop to make her look thin up in the hip area.  Hope this helps - keep me posted - Donna


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