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My pygmy goat is pregnant for her first time, she last completly soft ligaments for a couple days. She is lifting and dropping her tail a lot, itching her sides, getting up on something witb front feet and back down, lying down, getting up a lot. She is eating and drinking and has lost some mucos a few days ago. She seemed to have some contractions snd breathing heavy and other little noices. Her vulva got puffy and flattend down abit, and is chewing her cud a lot. I have thought she was going to kid a few different times and getting worried if something is wrong.. I don't know if I'm just being paranoid or if she should have started pushing.. any information would help. I have read several different web sites and my goat bokk and I go from thinking its ok to paranoid about a still born or breech birth and going in to check and possibly dialate her. Babys were very active a cpl days ago and I havnt felt as mucch movement. Thank you -first time anxious goat grandma Cate

Sorry for the delay in answering.  When you say her ligaments are soft - are they totally gone - you would not be able to feel anything, and her sides would be dropped such that she looks skinny.  These are the two main getting into labor.  Breech birth usually causes a slowed labor, but that is once they are in labor.  The eating and drinking points to not being in labor.  Has she been pawing and making nests yet?  The up and down and breathing and some contractions are pre labor indications.  The mucous she passed was her mucous plug which generally points to true labor starting in 2 to 5 days from that.  If you see her pushing and moaning/groaning hard for more than 20 minutes I always advise helping out.  Let me know - hope this helps - give me a call too if you'd like - Donna 360-742-8310


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