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QUESTION: Good Evening Donna,
Hi - U know Donna i wanted some advice this time its for our dog name brookie hes throwing up and feels very sick not eating & like Migi brookie never refuses food always eating like a pig but its been 2 days now that hes not eating. I don't know if he has digestive upset but last night i gave him some pepto bismol with 4 cc's of AMMOXICILLIN my neighbor gave me 2 capsules of AMMOXI & i mixed it with water & gave the above dosage (just guessing on the dosage). Brookie is about 18 lbs i gave my neighbor the bio-sponge since i didn't need it but we are sharing it b/c her dog had the same issue digestive upset or poisioning. She said he is doing much better but now its brookie thats sick. So last night she gave me the bio-sponge but i don't know how much to give brookie i don't know if he has the same problem which seems to be digestive upset or poisioning. Any advice would certainly be appreciated. I know your expertise is in goats & not dogs but my mom & i really don't know where to start. Haven't given any bio-sponge yet was going to give him this morning. Thanks so much Donna.

Me & Migi

ANSWER: I use the biosponge on the dogs too.  Has Brookie pooped? Peed?  I would start them on milk of magnesia and mineral oil just in case this is an obstipation - obstipation makes a dog throw up.  Also the milk of magnesia and biosponge will help with poison intake just in case it is that.  I am wondering if someone has been putting poison out and Migi and the dogs had picked that up?   For an 18 pound dog probably 1 inch of the biosponge - you mix this in a  little hot water or you can mix in with the milk of magnesia - give orally.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Thank u so much Donna,
U know Donna remember i was telling u about our neighbor she is a very very evil lady & the more i think about Migi & poison u know i've been telling u about her & all of her EVIL DOINGS & maybe b/c she can't do bodily harm to me & my family i think she getting revenge on us by either poisioning our animals & that is just plain SICK if in fact she is trying to poision them b/c everytime we go out to do errands and we come home some of our dogs just act strange & get sick! This all stems from her missing her cat trap and she insists on us STEALING IT, which is absolutely RIDICULOUS! We are not stealers & in fact my sister ordered a 14kt gold & diamond ring from ebay and she didn't recieve it, This was back in august 2012 & one day we were at GOODWILL store & this is when we were in good terms after shopping my sister, my mother, & i were outside the store sitting down & talking story when she came & joined us to smoke then my sister notice a ring on her finger & it looked EXACTLY like the ring she had ordered so that night i went over to her house and asked her to see that ring she took it off so i could get a closer look at it and i asked her u know by the way this ring looks exactly like the ring my sister ordered but it never arrived she then said oh this is mine i had it in my safe for a very long time which we all knew it was a DARN LIE!!. We are now trying to get this mail-man out from our area b/c hes always putting someone elses mail in our mailbox & vice versa. The only way she could've have gotten a hold of my sister ring is that this mail-man had had to put it in the wrong mail-box & being the EVIL lady that she is had the odasity to open it instead of returning it back to the post office & STOLE IT but even worse she had the GUTS to wear it out thinking she wouldn't get caught!!!. She has stolen from us in the past when my dad was alive her daughter stole my fathers retirement check & now this. We are now having problems with us not getting our mail b/c this new mail- man apparently can't read adresses correctly.. The other day this mail-man put my neighbors mail in this lady mailbox & vice versa.. This is the neighbor she is also accusing of stealing her cat cage. And so this EVIL neighbor is doing everything & anything to HARASS us. Last night i took the garbage out faced it the correct way so the garbage man could pick it up & good thing i went outside when i heard the garbage truck b/c our garbage container was turned completely the opposite way around & it had to be this EVIL lady b/c she didn't want the garbage people to pick up our trash. Can u imagine the vengence she has against us & the other good neighbors? So with all this said and reading your response about the poison i really am starting to question on how Migi passed & u know Donna after Migi had passed this lady has never come out of her house very unusual b/c she is always out & about in her yard & when Dr. Lam came to our home to put Migi down my good neighbor said this EVIL lady came outside & peeped to see what was going on. I now question Migis death although we still can't prove she poisoned Migi she had something to do with Migis death. Why is she in hiding all of a sudden? GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY!!!!!!! & y are all our pets & my neighbors dog getting sick. b/c i remember her telling me that a friend of hers gave her some weed poison to kill some of her weeds this is when were still in good terms. Also her husband is a mechanic so these people have access to ANTI-FREEZE & RADIATOR FLUID etc.... But u know Donna it all comes down to proving it & it gets so fustrating b/c we can't prove anything other than just wondering. Anyway Donna sorry for the long story i will give brookie some MOM & the bio-sponge and i'll keep u posted. Thanks Donna!

Me & Migi

It is sad when people are like that neighbor.  Without having proof there is not much one can do except try to protect items and animals.  Don't know if you do have these up but I would definitely put up "no trespassing" and "stay out" signs - we have to do that for our property - also you might look at the "fake security cameras" on the internet - they are not expensive and I have four up - two on the back of our property and one at the house and one in the front driveway area - on AAA batteries they move back and forth (have a movement sensor) and a red light goes on - really looks real - I even have fake wires from it - you can't tell you're not being filmed with that red light blinking.  Also might have to keep dogs where you can see them when they are outside or keep inside when you leave  or keep them from going close to that neighbor's fence just in case they are throwing something edible and poisoned to them.  You're right about the hiding - people hide for a reason - a guilty reason most often in my opinion.  So sorry you're having to deal with this.  Hang in there - Donna


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