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Goats/re goat with infected abdomen


picture if abdomen
picture if abdomen  

pic of abdomen
pic of abdomen  
i got some pictures of her infection on her abdomen i want to know what you think i should do about it i keep cleaning it and putting what you said in it and i do the warm compress on it to but i don't think that it healing or getting better yet

Thanks for the photos - It really would be best for a drain to be in there - the thickness/bulging of the abdomen there is most likely from a large amount of accumulated infection fluids/tissue.  Unless you can get a vet to re-open and drain this properly about the only advice would be to continue high dose antibiotics, cleansing out two or three times a day with either tubing or at least a syringe full of antibiotic solution placed into the openings and allowing it to drain out, as well as possibly compression of the area with the openings allowed to stay draining.  Hope this helps - Donna


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