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Good Morning Donna,
I was just cleaning & tidying up all of Migi things but u know Donna i just don't know what to do with Migis hay, I called the feed/farm supply & asked them if i could return it & usually once the cord thats wrapped around the hay is broken they usually put the hay in very large plastic bags to sell however u remember me telling u that this batch of hay was all stuck together?.. I had mentioned this to them & they told me that i could return it but do u think this batch of hay had something to do with Migis illness only b/c if this batch of hay contained the TETANUS bacteria or other bacteria in it i don't want them to resell it. But i highly doubt that this hay had anything to do regarding Migis sickness. U know Donna tell me what u think u know when Migis was displaying all of his symptoms my sister came up with the idea that Migi might have been poisioned by our SICKO NEIGHBOR & she said not by putting anything into his water or his food b/c we all know Migi if he suspects somethings in his water or food he will not touch it u know that Donna i mentioned coule of times where we try to get him to like for example put salt on his hay so he'll drink more water things like that. AnBd so my sister suggested perhaps maybe got sprayed in the face with weed killer b/c i remember the first time i called u when he was displaying his symptoms i remember we said  maybe he got stung by a bee or a bee went up his nose do u remember that?? b/c i remember telling u that. If he did get poisioned maybe that SICKO wanted to get revenge on me & took it out on a poor & innocent animal. We just don't know. However it  could be like u said TETANUS. Anyway to make a long story short i will be sending u a $100.00 money order to buy yourself a gift or buy whatever your goats need, I know u told me NO but really Donna when u think about it this is what Migi would want me to do is to thank u for helping him even though his time with me was cut short. So i'll be sending it out with some japanese cookies sometime this week okay Donna. Thank u so much for everything & Migi says i'm okay everyone please don't be sad from RAINBOW BRIDGE!!! Luv u Donna.

Me & Migi

Hi there - tetanus is only transmitted through an open wound and it is found in the dirt, not on hay.  If you remember I also suggested it was a possible poison.  I also suggested that it could have been an insect bite - do you have the Africanized bees in Hawaii yet? I believe you also have centipedes there that are very poisonous.  A weed spray in the face can possibly start a neurologic issue.  So difficult to know at this point.  I really do not want you to send me any money - you know I do this as a volunteer and I love giving of my time as best I can - really - would love the cookies though - you're sweet.  Keep me posted - love to you and Migi.  


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