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Good Afternoon Donna,
Hi Donna - Its been awhile since i talked with u i hope u & the goats are all well just wanted to tell u how much i miss Migi there isn't a day that goes by without him on my mind. There are times like today when i look up in the sky and say HI BOI MOMMA MISS U, MOMMA LOVES U then shed some tears. I hope he can hear me. Its so hard when there are times like this b/c i still can't believe hes gone, But then reality sets in & i say to myself yeah hes gone & life goes on without him. I try to keep busy but i find myself saying what if i did this what if i did that what if i gave him his TETANUS VACCINES & BOOSTERS maybe he'll still be with me. My mom & sisters tell me all the time u did all what u could have done for him & more u can't blame yourself for what u didn't know back then to what u know now. Then i agree with them but i still feel alot of guilt for him being gone. Its just rough & tough however i feel that only time will heal & will eventually be okay with him being gone. I truly miss all of his baa! baa! baa!.. On a more happier note i will be sending u all of your goodies sometime this week okay. Take care Donna & i will let u know when i send your goodies out. Love u & the goats Donna.

Me & Migi

Hi there - good to hear from you.  You know you did everything you ever could for Migi and I know he loves you.  Never feel guilty that you did not do enough.  Sorry I did not answer earlier - work was a long day and then one of my doe's kidded - glad I was there to help the mamma as the kid goat was big - a very big girl - both are doing well - will be a long night as I feed the newborn kid goats every 2 hours for the first 12 hours of life - long night so will be pooped at work tomorrow but it is worth it.  

Keep me posted - love to you and Migi.  Donna


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