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QUESTION: Hi Donna , how are you this morning ? I have a 6 year old sannan doe that for a while now I've noticed her hair is not what it should be . Shes been scratching to the point that one spot she actually drew blood . Theres seems to be a bit of hard crust around her eyes . Thinking it might be a lice infestation , and I'm still not ruling it out i put some pouron on her yesterday . If anything it made her scratch more . I put noramycin cream on the open patch . I think we can rule out staff infection as her hair is still attached very solid to her , i can't pull it out . What I'm leaning towards is an immune reaction ( low immune system ) ,, perhaps caused by lack of vitamins . She also had miscarried in DEC 2012 , for no apparent reason . Would like to know what you think and a course of treatment ? The reason i don't think its lice is she is with two other does and they are not displaying any of these symptoms . Thankyou .          P.S. Maple is still progressing and is improving daily thanks again for all your help with this .

ANSWER: Hi there - could be mange mites - winter time is worst for them - crusting around eyes and scratching - pour on is not the best for goats - their metabolism is very fast and the pour on goes through quickly - not working at the issue but can cause toxic reation - suggest a livestock dust/powder - this works well for all over and on specific areas affected - you can even make a paste with powder and water and spread on specific smaller areas.  I would also use Zimectrin horse wormer to kill extrenal parasites from the inside out.  Two times their body weight is what you use to find the dosing on the plunger.  You can purchase generic type too - it has the same 1.87% ivermectin in it - online.  The crusting around the eyes can also be from a cold in the eyes and if any drainage would suggest use of NFZ puffer or terramycin ointment twice a day for 3 days.  The other issue could be selenium deficiency for the hair/scratching along with a cold for the crusty eyes (low selenium also means low immune system response).  Would give her selenium/vitamin E and D mixture now and again in 10 days.  Hope this helps.  Glad to hear Maple is improving.  Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna , she is in with 2 other does , if this is mites will the others get this and should i dust them also even though they have no symptoms , and if i treat them should i withhold their milk ? its only these other 2 i am milking , not the infected one . Thanks

Hi there - I would dust all three does.  If you treat with Zimectrin you need to have a 96 hour withdrawal after the dosing.  You might just get away with the dusting - I usually try that first and if that does not do the trick - should see improvement in 7 to 10 days - then I use the Zimectrin.  Hope that helps - Donna


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