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Hi Donna , I've dusted everyone , and Irena the girl i first inquired about seems better in one respect , theres less scratching , and around her eyes seems less red . When i say around her eyes i don't mean the eye itself , the surrounding area as she lost some hair there i presume from scratching . I've given the selenium and a&d , and the E . I have a question , this looks an awful lot like what that kid goat had last summer , a staff infection . I at first put it off because it didn't appear that the hair would easily come off . Tonight as i was rubbing her down i pulled at a bit and yes it indeed came off very easy , but not from everywhere , mostly from her sides . If this is indeed mites would this be a symptom of them ?, maybe its normal shedding as spring is coming . Thanks .

So hair usually comes off fairly easily with mite and lice infestation, especially if you see some crustiness or dry scaly skin in the areas of hair loss.  Selenium deficiency also shows hair that just literally "wipes off" when you brush or rub the hair.  If there are red oozing sores along with this or even red pustules then it certainly could have turned into a staph infection - and if you think it looks like that then treatment with antibiotics should be considered.  Hope that helps - Donna


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