QUESTION: Thank you so much! You didn't just make my day, you made my whole year. She looks great today, no more blood and she's out enjoying the sunshine. i can't tell you how much I have appreciated your guidance over the last few months to get this sorted out. Thank you a hundred times over.

ANSWER: So glad I could help - you did all the work though - nice job - please keep me posted - Donna

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QUESTION: I took a glance at some of the other posts you answer, and decided that you deserve a medal. My goodness, you are such a generous person. I decided that if you won't accept a donation, I'm going to send you a little gift to say thank you. You don't know how comforting it is to have this quality of information and personal attention. I enjoy doing nature inspired watercolors and am going to send you one of my prints. While I was looking at your website to find the address, I read about your work with pack goats. It looks incredible. My dream is to move my little group up to the green mountains in Vermont and I would love to pursue something like that when I get there. Would it be possible to train Lisl and Greta's kids to eventually become good pack goats? Also, I would like to purchase your manual. Thanks again.

ANSWER: Hi there - I do what I do because 27 years ago I was unable to find help with goat health and nutrition questions - vets did not know much if anything about goats and the goat breeders were not helpful either.  So after finally becoming knowledgeable I wanted to help others.  So, no donation please - this is my volunteer time and I enjoy it.  Re the packgoats - Vermont would be wonderful - and yes, kid goats are easy to train - they love to be with you and love to hike.  Glad you found our website.  Address is 7211 40th Ct. NE Olympia WA - just send a check for the packgoat manual and I will get that out to you whenever you're ready.  Donna

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QUESTION: Hi there! Thank you so much for your last response. I apologize for taking so long to respond. I will be sending the check very soon. I am so excited about the idea of hiking with goats in Vermont!

An update on Lisl. So she has pretty much returned to the 7-day cycling. I kept trying to blame it on pregnancy, but it seems there is still more for me to do. After that first tail flagging I mentioned the first week after the breeding, she showed a longer episode of it a week later, and now again about a week later. Her tail seems wet underneath, but after reading some other people's experiences online, I'm not sure if it is really a discharge. I only just saw the wetness this past time (not the previous two). It doesn't smell and there isn't "stuff" all over her, her fur is just wet around the tail area. I did see her urinate twice in the 5 or so minutes I was out there, so that is worth noting. I will keep observing her to see if she is urinating more frequently than normal. I'm finding it rather confusing. She seemed to have stopped the cycling following the antibiotics, and then started it again after the breeding. Could the male have re-infected her if that was the initial cause of the infection? Or could it have been cystic ovaries the whole time, and she shows the response because the follicle doesn't rupture after the attempted breeding?

I am really loathing the idea of repeat antibiotics, and it worries me a little because of the build-up of resistance to them. Should I try the penicillin? Also, I read an article about boosting vitamin A with cod liver oil and giving vitamin c as a homeopathic treatment for uterine infections. I am just wondering if perhaps i jumped to conclusions about the uterine infection since it returned after the breeding. Perhaps she stopped showing the cycling because I stopped the breeding attempts during the antibiotic treatments? I'm not sure. The other funny thing, I never remember her showing any heat signs this late in the season before. Last year I was convinced she was pregnant and think maybe she was going through an "imaginary" pregnancy. The year before, when I hadn't bred them at all, she never showed heat signs in March. So I am not sure how next to proceed. I thought maybe I could try the homeopathic remedy because it couldn't hurt and see if there are any changes before looking again at the antibiotics or considering the cystic ovaries. Maybe I could try the Pulsatilla again at the same time?

Hi there - sorry to hear the little lady is back to her strange cycling.  With the discharge it still could be a uterine infection.  Doubt vaginal Chlamydia if you used the LA200 before.  I would try either another cycle of the LA200 (oxytetracycline) or penicillin.  You certainly also are welcome to try some homeopathic or herbal or natural treatments too - can't hurt and sometimes these work well.  You can also try the Pulsatilla again.  There is another homeopathic remedy, Jonesia Ashoka, that is said to normalize menstrual cycles too - I have not used that before.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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