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Goats/update on baby kinder


He is doing so much better! Thank you so much! He is finally understanding the bottle, us able to lay down by himself and get back up, is starting to walk forward more than he used to, and his back legs are starting to straighten out better. He pooped out yellow and some black yesterday and seems to just constantly poop now haha. He is even starting to "play" now! And about my other milking doe, I was concerned the past few days because she was only making about a quarter of a quart of milk. But just this morning she gave me almost a whole quart!

I do have a few questions tho. Bambi (milking doe) gave birth on the 14th. She is having some bloody discharge and it looks gooey. Is this normal? Its been there a few days. She looks and acts like she feels good still. Doesn't look infected or overly gross. I was thinking about washing it off today and see if it comes back. I don't have any medicine with me on hand.

Thanks so much for the update - so glad the little guy is doing well.  Love to hear that he is playing!  

Re Bambi, the normal discharge after kidding (lochia) can go on for up to 6 weeks - this is usually old blood, sometimes being sticky in consistency.  So hers sounds normal.  Would keep an eye on it to be sure it does not turn "necrotic" or infected looking, as it sounds like you are already doing.  The acting good and looking good certainly is a good indicator that the discharge is not an issue.  If she stopped eating or just looked a little "down" would take her temperature (anything over 102.5 would indicate an infection) and then I would start her on injectable penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds body weight twice a day for 5 days (this is usually available at all feed/farm stores).  Washing it off is a good idea.  You can put a little vaseline around the area so it does not stick as much.  Hope this helps - thanks again for the update - Donna


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