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Hi, we have 3 15mo old goats. two are lamanchas and one nubian. we got them for milking, but they have definitely become our pets!  within the last 2 months our little lamancha doe(she is the smallest one) has become aggressive towards our kids and any other kids that come to visit.  She is very sweet and loving towards me and my husband and other adults. but when the kids come in the pasture,, her hair stands up and she chases them and bucks them hard,(sometimes knocks them down) we have had our goats since they were 2 days old. and they are part of our family. She was always a very sweet goat, I do know she has been in heat a few times, but this happens everytime the kids come near.

Many times does become the alpha goat in a herd and she is trying to be alpha over the children - especially since I'm assuming they are more at her eye level.  A good rap across the nose with a sharp "no" or "back off" by the children should help curb her behavior.  Use of a water spray bottle along with the "no" or other command to stop her should help.  Let me know - Donna


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