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QUESTION: Hi Donnna.  I have given her the safe guard wormer for goats 2 days ago.  The store didn't have the paste but the liquid was the same strength.  She has dropped down from 77 lbs to 60 lbs.  I have given her 3 1/2 ml.  I bought iron from the pharmacy and it says adult dose 1 - 6 pills daily.  The label says each tablet supplies 35mg of elemental iron as 300 mg of Ferrous Gluconate USP. I'm giving her 3 daily.  Not too sure of the amount to give. The directions on the bottle are not very exact.She received her selenium, vit E and D 3 days ago.  I haven't noticed any change in her and her membranes are still light pink/white.  I have gone back to giving her electrolytes once a day.  She does have a sore on her leg that is taking forever to heal.  I assume that is because she is anemic but I am putting a fast healing sauve from the vet on it. Thanks for your help so far.  Fingers crossed that soon I will see some improvement.  Cindy

ANSWER: Liquid will not do the trick. Sorry.  Iron should be three times the human dose twice a day.

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QUESTION: Hi Donna.  I just finished the last dose of safeguard paste for horses.  She has also been getting human iron 3 pills 2x a day and just recently started her on vitamin b complex 100's in human pills 3 in the morning and 3 at night.  Her weight has stayed steady at 57lbs and somedays her appetite seems better.  I give her a small handful of whole oats, small handful of alphalfa hay, and treats morning and night of carrots, leaf lettuce, and an apple at night.  She only shows much interest in the treats.  She has all she can eat nice green grassy hay which she has no interest in. Her temp is 101.7.  I started her 2 days ago on 2ml on penicillan and follow up with 20 ml of active yougart for probiotics.  She now is still anemic and has runny dark brown diarrhea.  Is that too much iron and vitamin b complex.  I haven't given her a b 12 shot for over a week.  Any ideas what to try next would be appreciated. Thanks Cindy

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  Re the worming for barber pole worm, if this is what it is you should see some improvement in her eating/weight gain/inner eyelid color in one week.  Re all the pills you are giving her, you are crushing and dissolving in a little hot water, correct?  That's fine to start her on the 2 ml of penicillin - but if you're going to start this you would need to give it twice a day for 5 days and give it intramuscularly.  She does not need a B12 injection as that is in the B complex.  The runny dark brown stools are from the penicillin and probably too much iron.  I usually use Geritol liquid (iron) given at one teaspoon twice a day for 5 days.  While on the penicillin she needs to be back on the probiotics - would up that to 3-4 ounces twice a day.  The vitamin B complex I usually advise when a goat is not eating well to give eight tablets crushed and dissolved twice a day until the goat is starting to eat better.  If she is not eating well then I would start orally drenching her with a mush made from baby hot cereal (mixed) and to that add crushed rabbit/alfalfa pellets (small ones) and also add some karo syrup - you can also put in the probiotics and other items all at the same time - mix well - blend well in a blender and add enough liquid so you can orally drench the goat - about 1 to 2 cups twice a day should help.  If she is not drinking well might try some warm molasses water or adding a koolaid or lemonade mix to her water (does not have to be full strength, just enough to flavor it). Hope this helps - let me know.  

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Nothing I do seems to be working.  Emma is still anemic and now is so weak she needs assistance to stand up. This is the same pattern as my other 3 goats that died over the last year.  They start anemic and off their feed then they keep getting weaker and weaker but hang on for months. Their stomach seems to be a big problem for them and they don't seem to bring up their cud.  Emma has been sick since the middle of JAN and has just progressively got worse each day even though I have tried all your suggestions and my ideas as well. Is this some kind of disease that is causing the anemia?  The vet has done fecals on all of them and they were treated accordingly. We have had over 80 ewes lambing and never encountered this type of problem.  I only had 12 goats and now i am down to 5 plus emma. My goats are for pets only.  Maybe goats are much harder to raise or maybe I baby them too much.  I think its too late to save Emma but maybe any ideas will save the next one.  (I have a feeling it will happen again) Thanks for you previous help.  Cindy

So you treated the three weeks with Safeguard horse wormer at 3 times the body weight to find the dosage?  You also stayed with penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds twice a day intramuscularly for 5 days?  Continued with vitamin B complex.  Continued with irone tablets or other iron? What is the current color of her lower inner eyelids? Unless a vet is extremely experienced it is difficult at best to know the barber pole eggs from regular stomach worms.  It is possible this could be also anemia just from not eating well.  Do the goats go near any pond or other water source or even have buckets of water that wild critters can use, such as raccoons, oppossums, etc.?  Let me know - Donna

Forgot to ask - what is her current temperature? Have they been tested for CAE? What did you treat the other goats with that did not work? Thanks - Donna


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